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Online Parts Ordering System

  • Direct Access to Our Complete Inventory
  • Real-Time Pricing and Availability
  • Part Lookup and Order Generation
  • Complete Invoice Information


Once you establish an account with us, you have access to the same system we use for entering your order, right over the Internet. If you have an Account Number and Password, you can click on the link at the right to establish a secure connection with our main computer.

Search for parts, create your own invoice and pick ticket, and we'll deliver the part to you. If you request it, we'll give you a call to confirm that the order has been processed.

To establish an account, call (908) 862-0600

Access Online Ordering System
(Approved Accounts Only)

 PLEASE NOTE: This system requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher,Windows 95/98, ME, NT or 2000, and automatic one-time download of Accuterm Client module (free).

For installation notes or to learn how to use our online ordering system, see below.

For troubleshooting, please call Jonathan Cloud at (908) 306-9075

Ordering parts online

Here are some initial suggestions for using the online ordering system. For more assistance, please call Ash or Ron at (908) 862-0600. We will be happy to provide you with information on accessing our catalog, creating and modifying orders, and receiving order confirmations.

In this area we will be posting information in response to the most frequently asked questions, as well as a summary of commands and codes. You can refer to this while using the system by making the terminal window smaller, and switching back and forth between windows. (Or you can print this page to refer to while you are in the terminal window.)

When you access the system, you will see a screen like this one:


Please note the "line" you are logging in on, as not all lines have full catalog access. If you do not get catalog access, please call Ash at (908) 862-0600 and let him know the line number you were given.

In order to log on, please type your 4-digit Account Number and press the Enter key.

The next line asks for your password. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive, and that all commands in the Ultimate Plus system must be entered in CAPS. (You can use the Caps Lock key to make sure that all commands will be read correctly.) When you type in your password nothing displays on the screen; but press the Enter key anyway. If the password is correct, you'll see the next screen; if not, you'll be asked to log on again.

The screen should now look like this:


Please note your location; this is account-specific, and should be the number of the location closest to you.

From this screen you have three options:

  1. You can enter a Part Number, if you know it, in order to check availability only.
  2. You can go into the Catalog, by entering a backslash ( \ ) as the first character in the row of Xs.
  3. You can open an Invoice, by typing "SI" (no quotes)

Each entry should be followed by the Enter key.

If you start from the catalog and select a specific product, an invoice will be opened for you with the vehicle information and the selected item already shown in it.

If you start with an invoice, you can enter a backslash ( \ ) after any line number in order to access the Catalog and locate an item.

The Catalog is pretty much self-explanatory, in that you drill down through a series of screens to select the type of part, the vehicle model, year and type, and then read through a list of products. You can use the left and right arrow keys to move backward and forward in the drill-down screen.

When you select a product, the catalog automatically gives you the number of items required for the job. Type the line number of the product and press the Enter key to have the item added to the Invoice. Press the F1 function key to exit the Catalog and return to the Invoice.

The Function keys that work in any particular screen in the Catalog are listed at the bottom of the screen. To access function keys beyond F12, press the Ctrl key along with the single-digit F- key (e.g., Ctrl+F3 is F13, Ctrl+F6 is F16, and so on).

When you are working with the Invoice, your screen will look something like this:

Your cursor should be flashing at line 1. If you do not know the part number you want, type a " \ " character (no quotes) and press Enter to access the Catalog. You can then drill down to the part you want and add it to your invoice page. It is added when you enter the line number from the list and press Enter. If you wish to change the quantity, you can press the Tab key to get to the Quantity field before pressing Enter (or you can change it later when you return to the Invoice screen).

The "default" quantity is the number of items required to complete the job (usually it is 1, but for spark plugs for a six-cylinder engine it is 6, and so on).

In the Catalog, the parts category you are viewing is shown at the top of the screen. You may see an instruction at the bottom to enter "+" to access related parts, or "F16" to access further information or parts listings.

To exit the Catalog and return to the Invoice screen, press F1. When you have a number of items in the invoice, it should look like this:

Filled Invoice


The commands you can use in the Invoice are listed at the bottom of the screen. The "Action code responses" only work when you are in a line item. Otherwise, the cursor will be at the bottom of the screen, asking for which line to change. Only the "Q" and "C" code responses actually work. ("PR" does not work here, and entering either "P" or "D" will cause the Invoice to be printed and return you to the Phone Inquiry screen.) "Q" simply returns you to the QUANTITY field so that you can change the quantity listed for that line. "C" allows you to continue to the next item.

When your cursor is at the bottom of the screen, enter an existing line number to change that item; or type "A" (no quotes) and Enter to add a new item.

Within a given line item, you can enter 0 (zero) in the "QUANTITY" field and press Enter to delete that item.

Several of the codes listed after "Change which line?........:" apply to the entire invoice. and therefore only work when you are not modifying a particular line item. Please note that entering "P", "D", or "CP" at the "Change which line?" prompt will cause the invoice to be printed and exit the Invoice screen.

Typing "W" will allow you change the "Writer" line, "PO" to enter a PO number if you require one, and the same for "VIA" and "ST" for Ship-To, but please note that these are informational lines only and do not change the delivery or billing information listed with your account.

To go to an earlier part of the invoice, select an early line number to "Change." To go back to the "Change which line?" cursor, enter "C" (for continue) in the ACTION field and press Enter, or press the F1 (END) key.

Should you encounter any additional questions or problems using these screens, please call Ash at (908) 862-0600.

Installation Notes

The first time you access the Online Ordering System you will be asked to download and install AccuTerm 2000 Internet Edition Client software. This requires a basic registration (your name, telephone number, etc.) but there is no charge. Fill out the form, say "Yes" to the subsequent prompts, and your system will be updated. (This is a one-time procedure; the next time you click on the "Access Ordering System" link, you will be logged into the online catalog.)

Note: Internet Explorer may ask you if you want to turn on AutoComplete if you have not previously used this option. This is entirely optional, and is unrelated to your use of the AccuTerm software.

The installation process may take up to 15 minutes on a dialup connection, less if you are using higher-speed access. You can pretty much allow the installation process to proceed by itself. When it is complete, you may be asked to install Microsoft Runtime, to restart, etc., depending on your existing configuration. If the installation fails, restart and try again.

We have not experienced any enduring problems or issues with a variety of configurations. Using AOL as your mode of access may cause some errors to be reported, but providing you launch and use MS Internet Explorer to access the system, it works normally.

The next time you access the online system you will be logged directly into the Ultimate Plus catalog and ordering system. You will need your account number and password (obtained from Associated Auto Parts) to proceed at this point.

If you receive a message in your browser saying that you are prohibited from running ActiveX controls, you will need to change the settings in Internet Explorer to make this site a "trusted" site, and to allow "signed components" to download and ActiveX controls to run. In Explorer 5.5, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security to change these settings.

If you are on a corporate LAN, you may be behind a firewall that blocks Telnet sessions. If you get to a blue screen, but cannot access the Ultimate Plus ordering system, check whether you can access any Telnet site, by using your Windows Telnet application to try to log on to (cyberspace.org). If you cannot, please contact your systems administrator to remove this restriction.

Each time you log on to the system, Ultimate Plus will report your port or line number, beginning with line 88. If several users are already logged on at any given time, you may reach a port that does not have catalog access enabled. If this occurs, please call Ash at (908) 862-0600, and we will increase the number of enabled ports available.

Please call Jonathan Cloud at (908) 306-9075 if you experience any difficulties with the installation.

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